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Purpose of baby massage

Touch is as important to infants and children as eating and sleeping, Touch therapy triggers many physiological changes that help infant grow and develop, for example: baby massage can stimulate nerves in the brain which facilitate food absorption, resulting in faster weight gain. It also lowers levels of stress hormones, resulting in improved immune function. 

In infants with colic, massages provide the relief necessary to disperse gas, ease muscle spasm, tone the digestive system and help it work efficiently. Some techniques even help bring relief from teething and emotional stress.

The stimulation an infant receives from massage can aide circulation, strengthen muscles, help digestion and relieve constipation.

The bonding that occurs with massages between a parent and a child enhances the entire process that comes with contact through all of the senses, including touch, voice and sight.


Massage for your growing child

Massage  is not just for babies!

Older children love massage too. Providing massage for toddlers and school aged children helps release stress and tension, ease muscle aches associated with growth spurts and exercise and provides a great opportunity for communication and bonding. Massaging children in this age group empowers them to know that being touched is their choice. It build confidence, self esteem and a healthy body image.

In this session you will learn with me how to adapt massage strokes to nursery rhymes, songs and stories so that your child can be an active participant in the massage.



Extreme caution is necessary when performing infant massage. Strokes are made with the greatest delicacy in order not to harm the infant in any way. Proper techniques are taught by a licensed/certified instructor ensuring that the infant is treated with appropriate physical touch. Anyone who is unfamiliar with handling a baby should receive appropriate instruction before beginning infant massage.

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In touch with my baby

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